Rintraccia il tuo ordine

A. International Orders with DHL Express
1. Go to https://www.dhl.gr/en/express/tracking.html
  2. Input your tracking number
B. International Orders with Registered Mail (Please wait 1-2 days after dispatch to be able to track your shipment)
1. Go to http://www.track-trace.com/post
2. Input your tracking number
3. Optionally select country to see the status of your order in your National Carrier Site.
C. Orders within Greece 
1. Go to http://www.taxydromiki.gr/tracktrace.aspx
2. Input your tracking number

We always keep an eye on all our shipments, because we care for your after sales experience.
In case you have any queries, we will be happy to assist you in shop@giannopoulos.gr
Thank you for your purchase !